Helena's 100th Birthday

Born August 3rd, 1912, in Salem, Massachusetts as Helena Anne Talbot, Helena Michaud is a remarkable woman--known to us now, of course, better as Grandma Helena, or more recently, as Great-Grandma Helena. We are all thrilled and honored to celebrate her 100th birthday with her.

First, a reporter from the Lynn Item came and interviewed Helena for a feature piece that ran the following Wednesday.

Then, the case manager from Greater Lynn Senior Services, Muriel Clement, came and visited with Helena.

Letters and commendations from the Mayor, Congressmen, and the President had arrived, so Helena opened these and was so touched she began to cry.

Of course, flowers, chocolates, balloons, and cake helped make the day more festive.

When the reporter and case managers had left, we just visited with Helena, Grandpa Richard, and their friend Lori. Robert got sandwiches from Angelina's Subs, Helena rested, and the kids played, for a lovely afternoon.

After giving Helena a day to rest in the middle, we continued celebrating on Sunday with a cookout at Grandpa Richard's house, complete with pork ribs and a dip in the pool. Everyone had a wonderful weekend.



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