July 2012

Samantha is seven months old, crawling like mad, pulling up on things, wearing size 3 diapers, starting to babble, and very happy. Marcus is almost four years old, getting himself dressed and tooth-brushed independently every morning, and taking more and more responsibility for himself and his things and helping out around the house. Together, we all have managed to stay busy and have a lot of fun this month.


We went to Kidsweek (Vacation Bible School) at Park Street, where Marcus was in the preschool class and Samantha stayed with me while I worked in the nursery.

We took the bus to the Charlestown Navy Yard during the annual Harborfest, and we toured the Eagle and the Cassin Young, enjoyed playing at the Constitution Museum, watched a demonstration of the Constitution's cannons, and took the water ferry back to Long Wharf.


We played in the sprinklers on the Greenway and at Stony Brook and at Green Street.

We took the T to Lynn to visit Great-Grandma Helena, and then we stopped by Revere Beach during their annual sand-sculpting competition for some sand-gazing, rock-hunting, and ice-cream-eating. Sadly, the sand comes from New Hampshire.

We sailed a model boat at the Christian Science reflecting pool.

We went to kids' concerts at Titus Sparrow Park and then biked around the South End, went to the library, splashed in the Christian Science fountain, picked up a picnic at Whole Foods, and appreciated the city's rogue knitters. We headed out to JP for more playground time and our CSA pick-up.

On 7/11, we ate pizza in the South End library courtyard, yeasted popcorn in the Pru garden, and free Slurpees on Washington Street.

We took tennis lessons in Titus Sparrow Park through Tenacity, with one of Marcus's teachers a captain of the Boston Latin tennis team.

We enjoyed the Storymobile at the Frog Pond Playground for free Fourth of July-themed books, plus a dip in the wading pool afterward, games by Playworks, and some horse-gazing before Chinese food and then home.

We went to Garrison's third birthday party in a heatwave.

We visited with friends from Seattle (Dave, Sara, and Ivy), going to the Harvard Square playground, the Frog Pond, and Robert's softball game.

We baked muffins, made waffles, and did other cooking projects together at home.

We relaxed after all our outings and excitement--Marcus still naps most days, lying down on the living room floor with a blanket when he feels that he needs a rest.

We spread the "baby"-wearing love!

We wore and nursed our babies.





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