More April Events

We have a happy baby girl and happy big brother, that's for sure. Samantha is wearing 3-6 and 6-12 month clothes and she weighs 13lbs, 14oz--exactly 50% for weight, height, head, weight-to-height, etc. for baby girls her age. She can roll over easily from back to front and with effort from front to back.

She can rotate her body around when she's on her belly on the floor, and she can scoot herself down or up the mat if she's on her back. She loves to hold things, and Marcus delights in giving her things to hold, smiling at her and making her smile or laugh back, and just cuddling up to her and kissing and hugging her.

This month Grandma Judy came out to stay with us for a four-day visit. She brought presents from her and Papa Bill as well as from Uncle Frank and Aunt Martha for the kids. While she was here, we went to see "Sesame Street Live" at the Agganis Arena. We also visited together with Great-Grandma Helena.

We also had another Meat Meet in a parking lot in Roslindale, and we got to fit in another dim sum with Canadian exile Debbie.

Marcus took another round of swimming lessons. They ended up being private lessons since he was the only kid in his level, and he made a lot of progress--he tried floating on his back by himself, and he can push off from the side and go about half a body length before grabbing onto a foam barbell. Still, he needs to be more comfortable getting his head in the water before he can move to the next level.

Other exciting events included the arrival of Robert's eight-ball bike helmet (Sam had to investigate it thoroughly), more visits with Great-Grandma Helena, an astronomy night at a local private school which included a moving, beeping R2D2 robot, and lots of fun with Marcus, who can help out in the kitchen (shown here cutting up chives) and do so many other things.

We also got to see George! In town briefly, with his girlfriend Pat and with five teenage exchange students, he came over at the end of the month. Ghaz, Alyssa, and their boys joined us, and we had a great, if too short, evening together.



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