September 2011

School has started, and fall is here, and we're having lots of fun. Marcus wears mostly size 3T clothes and weighs 29 pounds, I think, though weighing him is hard--it's like the doctor's scales are hot lava, apparently. He started back at school with only a bit of hesitation on the first day, and settled right in and seems to be doing well balancing school and out-of-school friends alike. He's still very excited about the baby coming--he talks on and on about how the baby will sit in his carseat, the baby won't be able to hold Legos yet, the baby will need help changing his diaper, etc. Below left, you see us setting out for the first day back at school, complete with new blue polka-dotted lunchbox. Below middle, he takes an after-school nap on me one afternoon--the busier schedule has really been wiping him out! Below right, you see Marcus (at left), Kelley, and Kelley's little boy Kareem all busily at work/play during a midwife appointment this month.

We went to a neighborhood cook-out in Titus Sparrow Park one nice September Sunday, we met Bob downtown and rode on the carousel before dim sum one Sunday, and we've been trying to see at least one of Alex or Garrison on most Tuesdays in JP.


We celebrated Alex's fourth birthday with her and another little friend at the Frog Pond, complete with splashing and cupcakes.

We wrapped up Labor Day weekend with a stop at a splashpark in Waltham; Robert was particularly happy, since all summer he'd missed out on seeing Marcus play in the sprinklers.

We went apple picking with Sarah and Sean and Suzi and Ken, and got a picture of Marcus on the same tractor he sat on when he was 14 months old there, looking much littler that time.

We drove out to the Big E in Springfield for opening weekend, with Sarah and Sean, Sam, John, and Miriam, Davis, and Garrison. Between pony rides, the horse shows, a funny combination sheep-show and fashion show, the cow barn, and the circus (dogs plus elephants), the fair had an acceptable number of animals.

And, of course, we got to cuddle and snuggle through everything--happy outings, sick days, naps at the fair and all around town:

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