Early Summer 2011

Marcus is one month shy of three years old, two pounds shy of thirty pounds, tall and verbal and happy and generally eating and sleeping and feeling really well. He's still nursing, still being worn, and yet also incredibly independent. After we got back from Minnesota, we had a really busy few weeks until things started to slow down a bit around the first of the month: first we got a new fold-out couch for when my parents come up to stay with us, and Tim and Christine took our old one (Marcus got to supervise as Tim, Robert, and a friend moved the old one down the stairs), and then we got to see Uncle Mike and Lexie, who were out visiting a Rhode Island college she got a hockey scholarship to.

We've also gone to lots of playgrounds, sprinkler parks, and bike-riding trips around the South End, Back Bay, and Jamaica Plain, and we've just had a great time together, indoors or out, going to kids' concerts, reading books (he particularly likes the sequel to Knuffle Bunny where Trixie loses Knuffle Bunny and then decides she's too grown-up for it anyway--once, when we got to the spot that says, "Trixie realized something," we paused and asked what he thought she realized (that Knuffle Bunny was lost), and he said, "Her no like chocolate milk!") or pretending (he plays for hours at a time with cars or trains or his kitchen or his dolls, narrating all sorts of stories). Robert's Park Street Church softball team started up again, and though I was drafted to play in the first game of the season (they were short a woman, sigh), Marcus still had fun standing on the side and watching and cheering. He loves visiting the team dogs, watching the mounted police ride through the Common, and see Daddy hit the ball.

Marcus is very excited about the new baby on the way, and will talk about it ten or more times a day. He says he'll be gentle with the baby brother, play with him, touch him gently, pat him on the head, bring him toys, wrap him up in one of his (Marcus's) slings, and let him use his old basket. Marcus has also started telling stories about himself ("When I was a little baby, I went to Italy," or "When I was a little baby, I was in Mommy's belly and then I came out of a hole and slept in the tiny tiny basket"), and these also (pronounced "Allsome") translate into stories about "his" new baby in my belly.

Other events of June and July:

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