Halloween 2010

We started celebrating Halloween a week before, when we went to the Prudential Mall "Pru Boo" fundraiser on Sunday the 24th. For a $4 donation to a children's charity, you got a special trick-or-treat bag with access to the whole mall; every store gave out candy ("Good candy, too," Robert said); there were characters roaming around for pictures; BU volunteers manned pumpkin-decorating and face-painting stations; and there were corporate give-aways galore. We had a great time--Robert maybe more so than Marcus, who was still a little young for it, but liked looking at all the kids in costume just the same. Marcus was nominally Yoda, but he had to be bribed with jelly beans (or Sour Patch Kids, an acceptable jelly bean substitute in his book) to wear any part of his costume; pretty much when the candy stopped coming, the costume got ripped off, but at least we got a few pictures. One of the highlights was the Zipcar "Yes, you can write on this car" booth. I swear that if we ever again own a car, I'm buying some of these markers and coloring on the car regularly. The Zipcar folks say they just powerwash it off after the event, so I don't understand why everyone doesn't do it.

Then on Friday the 29th Marcus's daycare had a family potluck Halloween party. Robert and I went over after work and joined baby, who absolutely refused to wear his costume at all for this event, even though Griffin was "a big white dog" and Ryan was "a brown truck driver" [a UPS man] and Grace was "a green [fairy]" [Tinkerbell] and most of the other kids also wore costumes. We all had a great time trick-or-treating around the center and singing Halloween songs.

Videos: coloring the car; making a light-saber; playing with Olivia


On Saturday the 30th we had our Halloween party. Robert and Marcus, two Jedis, handcrafted a light-saber together with crayons and stickers in the morning while I started a pumkin-black bean soup simmering and decorated some cookies, and then we all took a quick trip out to pick up our winter CSA box and to grab some West Indian roti for lunch. After lunch, Carlos and Sandra and Olivia (four and a half) and new baby Alexandra arrived and we visited and watched a movie together while Marcus and Olivia played (surprisingly happily, mostly with trains). In the evening, after another round of bribery, we were able to get Marcus fully in costume for a few brief moments for a couple pictures. By the time the party officially started though, Luke and Leia were Yoda-less.

Costumed party attendees included:

We had a great time. The kids laughed and played--Olivia and Nathanael were thrilled to find someone else their own age, and developed a complicated game involving attack squirrels that they both enjoyed immensely. Marcus and Madeline played a rousing game of softball and also put a ball and bat to bed, under some blankets, and shushed everyone because "Ball sleeping!" Everyone except Suzi liked the Halloween snack mix, and Molly liked the M&Ms in it a little too much. Most people left by 8:30 or so, but Liwen and Tyrone, Debbie and Chris, and Sarah, Suzi, and Ken stayed until close to eleven. Afterwards, Robert got Marcus in his pajamas and read him a book while I was loading the dishwasher, and after about a minute, baby was completely out. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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