October Events

Marcus has gotten taller and chubbier this month. He's still in Size 4 diapers and mostly wearing 2T clothes and size 7 toddler shoes. He can use keys in locks and screwdrivers on screws very well now; he's getting good at using tools of all kinds. He loves his "school"--he runs in in the morning talking about who he's going to play with (Kelsey, Ryan, Ella, and Izzy are some of his most-named names), and he's very serious about choosing which area he starts at (though sand and water are both favorite options). He naps very well there, on his little mat with the sleeping bag blanket over him and his shoes and socks off. He can identify all his colors, even black and white and orange and purple; he can count reliably to three and occasionally to five; and he can say "ABC!" very loudly and happily, but never make it to "D." He can take his shoes and socks off by himself and almost put them on by himself; he can definitely put his jacket on by himself using the over-the-head trick they taught him in school. He says lots of two-, three-, and four-word sentences: "Need Daddy diaper" [Mommy's diaper-putting-on skills don't compare, apparently], "Want door open," "Need Daddy fix box," "Grandma hiding?" and tells lots of mini-stories about the exciting events of his days.

So far this month, Marcus has. . . .

. . . enjoyed Grandma, Pop-pop's, and Aunt Mary's visit to Boston;

. . . celebrated a little friend's second birthday;

. . . visited with Grandma Helena;

. . . remained an excellent sleeper, both at night and for naps;

. . . completely appropriated Sarah's wedding clown-nose as his own;

. . . gotten stung by a bee (twice), bounced back quickly (twice), and picked a pumpkin despite a bee sting (once);

. . . played, a lot, with trucks and cars on this cool mat that shows streets in our neighborhood, with some new wooden play food, with dirt and sand and water outside, and with pillows and blankets for hiding and swinging inside;

. . . cuddled close and gotten lots of rides from both Mom and Dad.

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