Sarah and Sean's Wedding Events

Two of our favorite people ever just got married, and we wanted to share some of the joy of their wedding with you here.

Pre-Wedding Trip to the Big E (New England "State" Fair)

Sarah's parents, David and Karen, had just flown in from Alaska the night before, but Sarah insisted they were ready for a trip to the Big E to start the celebration. Sarah and Sean both took the day off work, and Marcus and I joined them, along with David's friend Rich. We saw lots of cows and alpacas and tractors, we ate lots of enormously greasy but very tasty food, and we got extremely wet--it poured, on and off (with the "off" times just drizzling) throughout most of the day, but it was a great chance to spend some relaxing time together.

"Cow! Sean, cow! Cow!" . . . . . . . . Sean tells Marcus about the different kinds of cows . . . . . . . Marcus's weight in farm terms is ten chickens . . . . Oooh, dancing vegetables!

Group shots. . . with food, of course!

Oooh, dancing dairy products!

Bridal Shower

Sarah's good friend and coworker Meg hosted a gorgeous shower the week before the wedding, with Sarah's mother and sister Leah in attendance (Leah had just arrived that morning on a red-eye, actually). It was a really nice intergenerational group of women, plus my little boy (I couldn't bear to leave him home for the day. He had fun helping Sarah open gifts, though--he was in charge of the wrapping paper trash, taking his job seriously, and he also ate through a large amount of potato chips, one at a time, and took a nap).

Bachelorette Party

Friday night, two days before the wedding, we started at The Living Room for dinner and drinks, with balloon animals and facepaint, courtesy of Ambre and Leah, who organized everything and also decked Sarah out for the occasion. After that, we moved on to Improv Asylum in the North End, and then most of the women made another stop in search of some dancing. Meg, Miriam, and I skipped out after the improv, feeling old and tired and heading home to husbands and a couple babies, but we did get the fun of watching Miriam try to get into a strange man's car when Meg's husband Emil came downtown to pick us up.

Face paint and all! . . . . Marcus with my clown nose bachelorette favor the next day

Meat and Greet Dinner

The afternoon before the wedding, after the rehearsal, the wedding party,families, and all the out-of-town guests braved the terrible holiday weekend traffic and gathered at the Midwest Grill in Inman Square (Cambridge) for Brazilian barbeque and a chance to kick off the wedding weekend. Marcus and Garrison got to sit near each other and play together, and all the kids loved the cow statue (draped in Brazilian-colored scarves) outside the restaurant.

Circus-Themed Wedding at the Franklin Park Zoo (Boston, MA)

Sarah had thought of every single detail for this wedding, and the day was so beautiful and sunny for her. Sean did the loveliest drawings and artwork, on everything from labels on the root beer bottles and Hershey Kiss candies to their programs to their amazing Ketuba. He said that Sarah imagined it and told him what to draw, and he was just the executor, but everything was truly a work of art. One of Park Street's ministers, John Chung, gave a great brief meditation on the Old Testament passage Sarah and Sean chose, and then after the ceremony we all enjoyed the nacho cheese fountain, popcorn, cotton candy, huge candy/prize table, whoopie pies, and caramal apples. Oh yeah, there were also burgers and hot dogs. Guests could wander around the zoo and look at the animals, then swing back for some more food throughout the afternoon. Robert, Marcus, and I got to the zoo at 7:45 in the morning to help Sean and his brother Kyle set things up, and we stayed through the loading of the pick-up trucks at 5:30 in the evening. It was a perfect day of fellowship and joy to celebrate two people who are meant for each other.


Unloading the trucks, after making our way past the BAA half-marathon chaos

Sean's detailed plans for the set-up. . . . . . Working on the wedding backdrop


Waiting to walk down the aisle

Under the chuppah. . . . . . wedding guests watching the ceremony


Bridesmaids. . . . . . more bridesmaids. . . . . . posing with the bride

Enjoying the wedding!

Posing for Emily, the photographer. . . . . . . and then with her


Making some noise. . . . . . . . Bible study reunion shot with fun photo-booth props


Happily Ever After Party at Doyle's (Jamaica Plain)

At 6:30, then, everyone who still had any stamina at all--including Marcus and Garrison, who kept feeding each other french fries on the sly--regrouped in the back room of a low-key restaurant/bar to nibble and drink and just visit some more. We left on the early side, around 8:00, but the party was still going strong.

Goodbye Brunch

The next day, on Columbus Day, all the out-of-towners who were still in town (some of them dashing off to planes or heading home in cars right after) met up at the Hampton Inn on Mass Ave, where Sarah's parents, my parents, and a number of other guests were staying. Miriam, Meg, and Suzi helped me with a brunch to send everyone off well-fed: with Sarah and Sean, we had to end the weekend with friends and good food, after all. I'm so happy for them I can't express it--they're off on a honeymoon through New Hampshire and are returning with a whole pig from "our" farmer. What a honeymoon!

Setting up. . . . . . . At the buffet

Tables. . . . . . . two little boys scarfing down potato chips (not an everyday treat). . . . . . one exhausted boy sleeping afterward. We hope Sarah and Sean got a good nap too!

Addendum: Professional photos courtesy of Emily! Robert and me, separately, during the ceremony; my parents dancing and posing; me with baby in sling (asleep, while cleaning up; awake, while hanging out); us with Sarah, beautiful bride

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