Two (and a little more) Years of Babywearing

Babywearing is safe, handy, and fun--I couldn't imagine my life now if Marcus weren't used to picking up a carrier when he needs some sleepy/cranky/long-day pre-dinner snuggles, or curling up on my back or chest when we're out and about and he needs to nap, or leaping up into a carrier when I say it's time to go out. He can walk (and run), of course, but toddler pace is not quite the straight-shot, shortest-path, fastest-route, and sometimes you just need to get to the bus, train, store, school, work, etc. without a lot of fuss: pop baby in a sling or on my back, and we're there. If he's got a little cold and is congested and having trouble sleeping, a walk around the apartment upright in a sling lets him breathe easier and fall asleep feeling comforted. If we're going somewhere crowded, especially in bad weather, I don't worry about him getting trampled or soggy--it's easy to wear him, know where he is, and hold a single umbrella over us both, while people with strollers wrestle with plastic covers and ponchos.

Here are some pictures I don't think I've posted before, mostly from the last year. For me, trying lots of different carriers has just been so much fun: it's no different than trying out lots of different shoes, or clothes,or purses, except that babywearing has, sadly, a limited lifespan. At some point (we're not there yet), Marcus will be too big and too independent to wear, and then I can pass the slings and wraps on to other mamas and babies. We'll have had our fun, and our cuddles, and someone else can do the same. This week happens to be International Babywearing Week--celebrate by wearing your own baby or complimenting someone who's wearing hers!

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