Halloween 2009

This year we were Fry, Leela, and Nibbler from Futurama--we thought Nibbler was particularly appropriate for our toothy, smart baby. Halloween was sunny and very warm, in the 70s, so we ended up turning on the air conditioner during our party--we had 25 adults and three babies present. Below, you see Nibbler getting dressed (and eating a cherry tomato, the last from our garden), then displaying his teeth and playing with that fabulous clattery Ikea toy, and finally, fully dressed (though the third eye on his hat/eyestalk isn't really visible in this picture) and playing with Leela's blaster.

Just before our party started, Robert took Marcus to Titus Sparrow park nearby, to a giant neighborhood Halloween party--about a hundred kids in costume, a clown doing a half-hour show, goodie bags with Bible verses courtesy of the church nearby, chocolates from a local South End place, pizzas from another local place, and lots of kids and parents just enjoying the beautiful afternoon. Baby got some good playground time in, in his cape, of course, but sans hat (which he only tolerated for part of the evening anyway).

Below you see Bob the Builder (Carlos) and "Valentina"/Man-witch (Howard, winner of Cheesiest Costume), then an ice cream cone (ahem, Valentina, winner of Sweetest Costume--but really, no more witch puns? Howard outdid you!) holding Superbaby (Jayden), then a sleeping Nibbler at the end of the evening in my wrap (plus you can see my purple hair, which didn't show up in most of the pictures).

Below you see Borat (Leonid, back left--winner of Most Annoying Costume), then the Green Lantern (Tim, winner of Geekiest Costume) and Green Lantern Woman Character (Christine), with Leela and Nibbler (third eye visible here on baby's hat); Spirit of Autumn (Elise, winner of Coolest Costume); Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice with Zombies (Chris and Debbie).

Below you see a baby trio picture--Sami (right, in Alyssa's arms) was having a hard night, and Marcus just wanted to squirm down and walk around, rather than be contained for the picture, so it was not a wholly successful shot, but you get the idea. Not pictured are a divinity school drop-out (Ben), a Bird of Pray (Sarah, winner of Hottest Costume), Horned Woman (Trina, winner of Most Elegant Costume), and others. We had a great evening--we got to give Debbie her birthday present and Tim and Christine their wedding present, we got to catch up with a lot of people, and we got to share Halloween with one of my students, a Humphrey Fellow from Algeria.


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