Fourteen Months Old

Marcus is fourteen months old now (seven teeth, size 3 diapers, size 12-18 months in clothes) and incredibly active--unless he's asleep (and he really is a good sleeper) or a couple minutes away from sleep, he's always on the move. This constant motion frustrates Great-Grandma Helena, who just wants to hold and hug our baby, yet he won't keep still. He's a busy baby, really, with lots to accomplish in a day: after all, there are chairs to climb on, Roombas to investigate, toys to push around the house, etc.

Just in the two weeks since coming back from Bermuda, we've had so many exciting adventures with our baby.

First cold, wintry days: we break out his heavier jackets and play indoors more, like here in this bilingual active kids exhibit in the Copley library.

Isis class: baby makes his first attempt at painting! He rejects a smock utterly, but I take off his pants and put an old shirt on inside-out over him to contain some of the inevitable paint.

Ikea trip: we play with all the toys there, then end up bringing home a small stuffed guinea pig and a wooden push-toy, as well as the wooden table and chairs we went there for to begin with.

Aquarium Halloween party with Howard: baby was a skeleton just for the night (saving his real costume for Halloween proper), and loved walking around and pointing at penguins and turtle-cams and fish--and other skeletons. After the party, he immediately fell asleep in the wrap, and slept soundly through the walk to Chinatown and dinner out with Howard.

Children's Museum birthday party for two of Marcus's little friends from the swimming class: Hi, my name is Marcus, and I just discovered that I love chairs.

Apple-picking at Honey Pot Hill with Sarah and Sean: baby loved eating the apples and walking along the uneven ground, but he didn't quite have the dexterity to actually pick any, even the low-hanging ones.

Fun around the house with Mommy: I sold some old baby items (Boppy, extra crib sheets, and things like that) and am selling off my traditional podegai (hard to do anything but torso carries with it, which aren't my favorite), Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze wrap (used it a lot through the summer, but baby's now too heavy for it to be supportive), and Hotsling (never used it more than a time or two beyond the first two weeks), so I had a little mad money to spend on. . . more wraps, both used but new to me. Below left is a very cool Ball Baby Overall mei tai made with a German wrap--Hopp Miami--which is very soft and supportive. Below right is a gorgeous 100% hemp (so very cool in the summer) bei bei carrier, a rural Chinese style similar to a podegai, actually (just two straps). Both can be worn on my front or back. Our babywearing days are not over!


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