Marcus's First Birthday Party

all pictures on this page were taken by our great photographer Emily B. Wilson

the ceremonial table up front; the birthday boy's poster, which guests signed; Marcus with Robert while my cousin Steve said grace

birthday boy surrounded by dark-haired women and dressed; birthday boy on his throne (trying to get off); friends watching him on the throne

family shots at the ceremonial table and throne

family shots: Aunt Mary alone; Aunt Mary with Marnie and my mother; Aunt Pauline and cousins Steve, Carla, Dom, Tom, and Helena


more food--notice the vegetables carved into the shapes of animals and other things; not pictured are the mountains of sashimi, oysters, and freshly grilled beef

Marcus and my father, with balloons and without

Marcus and me alone; then with microphone; then Marcus and Bob

Marcus with Robert, then both of us (in the garden behind the restaurant, in between rainstorms that day)

friends: Jef, Jin Yoon, and family; Wellesley (and honorarily Wellesley) folk; Shira and her girls

birthday boy (sometimes holding grilled meat)


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