June 2009

Furniture Assembly

Robert assembled our new set of outdoor furniture, with Marcus's "help." Sometimes he puttered about with his water table, but boy, playing with the parts for the chairs and table was sure fun!

Handmade Quilt

Sue Shklar from Park Street made a lovely, colorful quilt for Marcus, and she gave it to him when I met her for lunch one day. Marcus loves it!

JimmyFund Scooperbowl

Here we are, our annual tradition: Frankie, Anthony, Natalie, Miriam, Marcus, me, Debbie (Robert was taking the picture, Raz and Sarah had already left, and Howard was off getting free samples of peanut butter). The rain managed to hold off while we were outside, thank goodness! I had Marcus in the mei tai, and Frankie was mostly in Natalie's Ergo; here's a cute shot of them holding hands. We also discovered Marcus has a definite preference for strawberry ice cream--even over chocolate!

Summer Softball Kick-Off

Marcus had a ball on the sidelines of Robert's first softball game (technically a practice) of the summer. We look forward to many more!

Park Street Picnic in the Park

Robert and I helped set things up, while Marcus was happily on my back supervising everyone, and then we stayed with the games and tables in the park for an hour or so before the picnic really got started. It had rained that morning, but finally it was a little bit sunny, and Marcus loved crawling from one end of the lawn to the other. He got pretty muddy, but it all washes off, and when the picnic really was underway it was far too crowded for him to have such free reign, so I'm glad he had an hour to himself. When Sarah and Sean got there, we just took off Marcus's muddy pants and let them dry out while he played on our blankets.

Just Hanging Out

Marcus hangs out in the kitchen; sleeps with me and his stuffed dog; rides happily on the front in my mei tai; naps on my back in the mei tai; and laughs a lot.



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