Marcus is Nine Months Old

Marcus turned nine months old the day we got back from Rome, so yeah, this update is a little bit late. He's nineteen pounds (25% for weight, and 50% for height--this lack of a high "score" has nearly traumatized Robert, though Marcus is gaining well, on a very respectable curve, and according to his doctor is perfectly healthy). He's wearing 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers still, and he's crawling, standing, cruising, and climbing all over. Nothing exists that isn't made better with climbing, after all. Doesn't everyone know that? He's developed an affection for a Blablah knitted stuffed dog, and he sleeps with that (even on the airplane) and often cuddles with it when drowsy. He eats everything, from strawberries to pork chops to tiny bits of salmon sashimi and Japanese-style white rice, a few grains at a time. Here are a few pictures from the last month.

Playing in New York after our trip to Rome; he loves knocking over block towers, and being ferried around in a plastic tub.

Getting his first ride in a shopping cart, earlier in the month.

Having lunch with my former student Tian (now headed to grad school at NYU!) and her mother in Allston.

Napping in Massapequa with me--Robert strikes again at taking those sleeping pictures!

Eating a pork chop just last night: "ooh, ooh," he says in the first picture (at daycare they call him "Mr. Owl" because he hoots a lot, they say), and "stand back! I got it!" he would say if he could in the second picture.

Visiting Baby JC (thank you, Jef and Jin Yoon!) in one of the two newborn visits Marcus made this month (the other was to Baby Sami, but I sadly forgot to take out my camera when I was with Alyssa).

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