April Events

Marcus learned to crawl up steps. He'll do one at a time (from our kitchen to dining room, or hall to dining room), but he balks at two (from the living room to the dining room) as a little too exhausting. The first time he did this, I was shocked--I had put him on the kitchen floor while I put down the mail and took off my shoes in the dining room, and then I heard some baby grunting. Turning around, I saw my baby in the dining room. I blinked, did a double-take, and put him back in the kitchen. Repeat. Here's a picture of him right after triumphantly making it onto the next level--I wasn't put-together enough to grab my video camera at that moment.

Marcus also started really doing reduplicated babbling--babababababa, etc.--this week, and he also is getting his first tooth. It started poking through the gum the day before he turned eight months old. You still can't really see it unless you get the perfect angle, but it's there--stick in your finger and you'll know!

In other news, I joined MFOM (Massachusetts Friends of Midwives) as a contributing writer this month, because, hey, I'm a writer, and I'm a friend of midwives.

Other events of the month?

Well, Marcus toted around a stuffed rat ("Oh, what a cute bear/hippo/mouse!" people say, seemingly unable to imagine a kid carrying around a stuffed rat) and ate part of a bagel at the church coffee hour. He started enjoying baths a little more. He played with some of his Easter toys. He stood up a lot--in his crib, in the living room, everywhere. He continued to have fun at daycare, both inside (lots of toys!) and out (they take them out in strollers when it's nice out).

He continued to sleep well--in his crib for the beginning of the night and with us from the first time he wakes up to eat. He enjoyed some of my ice cream cone on Ben and Jerry's free cone day. He visited with Auntie Tia and fiance Fabio.

Finally, we spent a really nice 80-degree Saturday at the Salem Willows when Christine (M's Auntie Tia) was visiting, and got some good pictures of the family enjoying the sunshine and lovely weather.

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