Seven Months!

Marcus is seven months old tomorrow.

He's getting more of a pot-belly; when he's naked to the waist and wearing pants on the bottom he looks like Mr. Tumnus, figure-wise. He's getting more hair--it waves normally and curls like crazy when he gets sweaty.

He's very vocal, growling and grunting and roaring and playing with pitch. He's very oral, tasting everything (Robert says he drops him at daycare, sits a bin of toys in front of him, and watches as Marcus takes out every toy, tasting each in turn) from toys to food. He's very happy, still smiling incredibly widely at every possible opportunity.

Above, with a soft dragon Haba toy that he loves (he's made permanent water-stains on it from drool).

Above, at his first-ever birthday party--Madeline's first birthday--where he loved playing with other people's toys and watching the big kids play with trucks and balls all around him.

Above, gnawing on a piece of pork chop during dinner at home one night.

Postscript: Marcus sitting on my lap and "reading" a magazine:


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