Marcus is Mobile!

and other updates

Last week, before we left for San Francisco, Marcus started crawling. He's still not an Expert Crawler yet, but he's hard at work leveling up his skills. Sometimes using his head as a fifth limb, he manages to creep/crawl/bear-walk across couches, beds, and floors. Here are a few still shots from the very first time he crawled across the couch; it took him about half an hour, so a video would have been pretty useless, actually, and there was a lot of grunting throughout, but he made it across. I kept moving the toy further in front of him, and when he seemed only to want to go through the pillow that was in the middle of the couch, I finally moved that for him too (no need to make his first crawl an obstacle course, after all).


For about a week, his favorite thing to do was to get up on all fours in the classic crawling position: he would do this while eating, which would naturally break the latch and then upset him because all of a sudden he wasn't getting milk anymore, and he would do this while sleeping. Yes, we'd find our little boy up on all fours in his crib at night, rocking back and forth, gently headbutting one of the sides because he made it to one end and now wasn't making any additional forward progress. The freaky thing was that his eyes were closed during these night-crawls; it was absolutely like someone who had a lot of stress at work and found himself working through it at night. That's our boy!

Here are just a couple other shots and updates from the week before we went on vacation.

First shoulder ride!

Look, ma! My first bialy!


From left to right, below, happy boy sitting up after a diaper change; smiling on a walk after a big March snowstorm; proudly showing off his "Homemade, Homegrown, Homebirthed" onesie.

And oh boy, more storage--when my parents were here we built this shelf in Marcus's room to hold all sorts of extra stuff--including diapers stored up for the apocalypse, as you can probably see.

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