Visit from Grandma Connie and Pop-pop

My parents came up from NY to spend the weekend with us at the end of February, and they got lots of quality Marcus-gazing (and Marcus-playing, etc.) time in while they were here. They even stayed with him on Friday night while Robert and I went out alone to the 200th anniversary dinner for Park Street Church. Here are some shots of my boy this week.

Below: Marcus sitting up in his "boat" in a Star Wars tee shirt; chewing on a toy in his high chair; chewing on a finger.

Below: chewing on Sophie, while Robert eats uni delivered from Osushi; chewing on a bowl in a Cambodian restaurant in Lynn; chewing on an orange slice.

Below: chewing on a tangerine segment; playing with the Roomba; sleeping.


Below: sitting up with Grandma Connie; reading a book with Grandma; posing with Grandma and Pop-pop

Two short videos from this week as well:



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