Marcus is Five Months Old!

He's still a super smiley baby, at home and at daycare.

He's in the third and final level of the Isis Mom-and-Baby classes, and he loves playing with a parachute, with bubbles, with a kiddie pool filled with balls, and with whatever the baby next to him is holding.

He sits up fairly well on his own, though he might topple over if something to the left or right catches his attention and he leans over too far.

He drinks well out of an open cup for us and out of the Adiri bottles at daycare.

He grabs two things in different hands, be they toys or toes--which he loves and plays with when nothing else is at hand.

He loves riding in Robert's backpack to daycare in the morning and in the wrap for me on the way home.


He was sick for the first time (a 24-hour stomach bug) but bounced back very fast and was nursing and playing normally on the second day (uh, when Robert and I then caught it. . . ).

He outgrew lots of socks, a few hats, and some more sleepers just this week.

He got to visit with Grandpa Michaud and Auntie Tia over Korean food one recent night.

Plus, here are some five-month-old videos:

Short-attention-span baby:


Sitting baby:



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