Robert's Birthday and. . .

My mathematician husband lamented that this was his last square birthday for thirteen years, by which point he would be an unimaginably old 49. "Forget about the squares!" I said. "Can you imagine having a thirteen-year-old son?" At the moment, happy with life with our baby, uh, no, I can't. We'll take each day/week/month/year as it comes, though. We saw Robert's father and Grandma Helena on his birthday and went out for dinner at Mitta Phaep, the Cambodian place on Western Ave. in Lynn that we like. It was a really nice, low-key evening.


. . . Last Week of Maternity Leave Fun and. . .

This is also my last week home with Marcus before he starts daycare (three days a week) and I start back at work. I've really been enjoying playing with him and napping with him, and just getting to spend some extra time with him before life changes (again). Here are a few pictures and videos from this week.

d Vampire Baby (or perhaps Dramatic Baby) says, "The light! The light!" and covers his face during a morning nap on our bed.

d I think of this picture as Big Boy Baby, because Marcus looks like such a big boy sitting up in his high chair.

 Marcus tries some rice cereal, but finds both his bib and his giraffe Sophie more interesting.


Ah, Foot-Finder Baby! You chortle with glee! Go ahead, find those feet

. . . December Catch-Up

Just a few pictures from December that I hadn't found a place for elsewhere. . . from left to right, we have Casual Baby, just hanging out on the couch casually; Triple-Chin Baby (yes, I take "fat pictures" apparently); and Shakespeare Baby (his onesie has that quote from the nurse in Romeo and Juliet, "Thou wast the prettiest babe that e'er I nursed").

And, some videos from December, for your viewing enjoyment:

  Infant massage as part of Marcus's bedtime routine

 Cousins Marcus and Yasmine (5.5 years) on Christmas Day, talking to Robert.

Marcus "walking" across the couch in NY (sorry this is horizontal--on our computer it's rotated, but when uploading to youtube it reverts).

 Marcus gumming a Korean fried chicken wing between Christmas and New Year's.

Playing with cousin "cuz" Steve on New Year's Eve in Massapequa. 

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