December 2008

This month Marcus turns four months old, weighs fourteen pounds, wears mostly 3-6 month sized clothes, gets much better at sitting up on his own, rolls over almost continuously, and conducts an extremely active social life. He goes with us to Santa visits, corporate holiday cocktail parties, casual Chanukah gatherings, engagement/welcome-home-from-Iraq parties, and friends' Christmas parties--all in addition to his usual weekly events (Isis baby groups, where he graduates from Great Beginnings and moves into Next Step Baby; church and Sunday School, where he tours the nursery and considers whether or not to grace it with his presence in the coming months; dim sum and lunches out; visits to Grandma Helena; and various food shopping, post office, etc. errands). All of this, and our baby's first Christmas is not even here yet!

With Grandma Helena, sleeping in her arms.

At Isis, getting bundled up to go out to lunch after a class.

Chanukah baby wishes you a chappy Chanukah.

Ecumenical baby, with an extremely in-character Santa at Magic Beans in Brookline.

Chilling in his Bumbo seat while I address Christmas cards on the dining room floor.

With his Great Beginnings classmates at Isis.

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