Getting Ready for Christmas

Since Marcus wore Halloween-themed clothes for practically the entire month of October, it's only fitting that we break out the Christmas-themed clothes now that it's Advent--and December 1st too, at that! Here are some pictures of our little guy as we gear up for his first Christmas.

Above, from left to right: Peppermint Baby, exhausted from photos, shows his serious side here; Marcus shows off his new toy (because Robert can't wait until Christmas--he buys Sophie the giraffe early, and Marcus is thrilled. He laughs when Sophie squeaks, he clutches her under his arm or under his chin, and he attempts to shove as much of her as possible in his mouth.)

Above, from left to right: Christmas sleeper baby poses contemplatively, giggles elfinly, and laughs out loud.

Above: We pose with Peppermint Baby for Christmas-card pictures.

(Yes, we've become one of those families. . . .)


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Created: 12/1/08. Last Modified: 12/1/08.