Christmas 2008 in Boston

Robert's sister Christine and her two daughters Aurora and Yasmine arrived in Boston late on Saturday night December 20th, to spend the holiday with us. We had a great time with them. Highlights of our Christmas week include: getting Marcus's passport photo taken and applying for his passport (Tiny Elephant Baby had a hard time posing without opening his mouth really wide, but the patient photographer worked with him), spending some time with Great-Grandma Helena, building a gingerbread house with Aurora and Yasmine, being the Holy Family at Park Street Church's 4:00 Christmas Eve service (the Three Kings, who did this last year too, said Marcus was a better Jesus than last year's--"that one screamed the whole time"), and spending Christmas Day together at Robert's father's house. At four months old for his first Christmas, Marcus delighted all by smiling a lot, laughing for the first time, and making funny baby raptor noises in glee.

Week before Christmas, just before having his passport photo taken.

ddSunday before Christmas, visiting with cousin Aurora and Aunt Tia.

ddSunday before Christmas, with Great-Grandma Helena and cousin Yasmine.

ddd Christmas Eve, before church and in the sanctuary. Marcus/Jesus was truly angelic and lovely in his swaddle, but when we put him in the manger, he protested--that led to a screaming baby Jesus for the next three verses of "Silent Night," but a calmed-down baby by the time "Joy to the World" was in full swing.

Christmas Eve, at our house for dinner, with the gingerbread house, his new high chair, his cousins Aurora and Yasmine, and his Aunt Tia (Christine).

ddd Christmas morning, in his Christmas sweater. Check out our Marcus-sized tree.

d Christmas afternoon, at Richard's house.

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