Thanksgiving Week in NY

We spent ten days in NY with my parents, aunt, and cousins around Thanksgiving this year--of course, everyone was thrilled to see The Baby. Here are some general baby-gazing pictures from the visit. At various points in the week, my mother tried to teach Marcus how to touch his tongue to his nose, and Rie and Aunt Mary argued over who made Marcus smile more.

We had lots of food-related fun this week too: Marcus got a high chair of his own (the blue Antilop from Ikea) and sat in it, propped up, quite happily; Robert and I ate at Red Lobster for the first time ever, and Marcus got to hang out near the big lobster tank while we waited for a table; and finally, Marcus posed with the Thanksgiving turkey (he was heavier!) to see who had the more appealing thighs.

On Tuesday, we headed into College Point to visit Mabel McAuliffe, one of my old friends from the church there. Marcus was happy to sit with Mabel; he takes well to women of a certain age, of course, since he's used to Great-Grandma Helena and (Great) Aunt Mary fawning over him already.

At the end of our visit, Marcus turned 100 days old--we're finally allowed to take him out of the house! Phew! I mean, whoops. . . we kind of have been doing that since he was all of five days old, but whatever. To mark his momentous leap into triple-digit-days, the whole family (Rie, Steve, Aunt Mary, my parents, Robert, Marcus, and I) all trooped out to dim sum on Long Island--a bustling place attached to a Costco, with surprisingly respectable dim sum. Marcus has taken to shoving his hands in his mouth (preferably both at once) and drooling copiously. He also likes gnawing on other people's fingers.

And finally, here are two nice posed family shots from the week in NY:

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