Judy's Visit to Boston

(and yeah, more Marcus pictures/video too)

I think of the picture at right as our happy gypsy picture. My mother and father accuse me of taking "fat pictures"--pictures that make even skinny people look fat. Well, Marcus is neither skinny nor fat, but rather somewhere in between.

The picture at left is our gleeful little gnome picture. Don't mind the skull-adorned sweatshirt he's wearing (it says "Rebel" on the top, and like many of his clothes, it was a gift from a friend)--he's an angel despite the shirt. He's sitting here on the bright blue beanbag chair in his bedroom, right next to his crib.

In other news, Robert's mother Judy flew out from Chicago to visit us for a long weekend. Actually, she didn't care about visiting us--she wanted to meet Marcus for the first time in person. With Grandma Judy here, we went on Saturday to see Great-Grandma Helena and eat seafood in Salem; on Sunday to Ikea to wander around and get some closet organizers and new pillow shams for Marcus's room; on Monday to dim sum in Chinatown with Miriam; and on Tuesday to lunch at a little local Thai place with Judy's old friend Nancy.


Above you see Judy holding Marcus, Marcus trying out the $20 high chair at Ikea (with just a little bit of help--while he's not quite high-chair-material yet, he's not far off, given how greatly improved his neck strength is just in the last few days), and Marcus, Robert, and Grandma Judy happy together.


Above left is another picture of Marcus in his gnome-hooded sweatshirt, "playing video games" with Robert/Dad. Above right is a shot of Judy, Marcus, and Nancy relaxing after lunch.

Below are two videos from the last week or so. Marcus is now almost 12 weeks old, and he's actually got even better head and neck control than in the little "advanced tummy time" video below. His singing continues to impress one and all alike.


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