Robert and Christina Have a Baby: Announcing Marcus Omer

Weeks 9 and 10

Marcus spends so much more time awake now that I have to figure out things to do with him when we're both home and awake. We go for walks, errands around the South End and Back Bay; we joined a new mother/new baby group at the Pru Isis; we do tummy time (at least when Marcus doesn't decide it's so dull that he'd rather fall asleep); and I occasionally dress him up and play fashion photographer or movie director. So, here are some pictures and a video from the past two weeks. . .

At right is Marcus in what Robert calls his Russian sailor suit. "You know, like that fat Russian sailor in The Hunt for Red October. . . ?" Robert asked. I think not!

Above, a quiet baby waits patiently in his carseat at the head of the stairs while Robert and I haul up groceries, library books, etc. from the lobby.

Below (again in the Russian sailor suit), not quite awake yet from a nap, Marcus tries to determine if sucking furiously on his forearm might actually be able to produce milk.

Above, Marcus and I nap obliviously on the couch on a Sunday afternoon (church, Sunday School, and dim sum are so exhausting!) while Robert scurries around and photographs us.

Below, Marcus gleefully gets into his pink fleece suit before we trek over to the library and the Pru for our first mom-baby class--on the coldest day of the entire month, of course! The suit has a soporific effect on Marcus, because once fully zipped-up in it, he can't really move his arms or legs--they're too padded. He fell asleep before I could even carry him downstairs and put him in the stroller. He also got lots of "oh what a beautiful girl!" comments at the Pru. . .

Above, in a sequence of shots known to us as "The Cutest Pictures Ever," Marcus roars and then grins shyly in a different hooded, fleecey, bear-eared baby suit (this one is completely different from the other one! It doesn't have mittens, it's a bag instead of pants on the bottom, and it's--obviously!--much more masculine).

Below, you see Marcus's finished nursery, complete with a lovely fish mobile from Jef and Jin, which he stares at fixedly from his crib.




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