Zombie. . . Pigs?

Well, if one can imagine zombie sheep (as in Black Sheep, that fabulous film), then I guess zombie pigs are fully possible. I don't know if the annual Somerville Zombie Walk has ever attracted any, though. . . .

This picture of Leith and (half) a pig actually has very little to do with zombies, other than

  1. I like zombies and
  2. I like pigs and
  3. we went to a pig event in the same week as a I had a funny zombie conversation.

Let me explain.

The Garden of Eden and Lionette's Market had a great head-to-tail pig event last Saturday--it was really educational and really fun, with samples of all sorts of pig dishes made from parts other than the over-played (and under-produced, relatively, given the size of a pig) loin or tenderloin. We went with Leith and Katie, and we got this great shot of Leith before the expert butcher (seen just over Leith's right shoulder) actually got to work, narrating as he went. Ah, pork. . . we love you so.

The zombie conversaton was just a funny one I got into today while I was waiting for the bus over on Comm Ave. I was reading World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, by Max Brooks, which John had given me for Christmas, when a guy approached me and pointed to the book.

Guy: Hey, is that The Zombie Survival Guide?

Me: No, it's--supposedly--an oral history of the zombie wars.

Guy: But it's by the same author, right?

Me: Yeah, Brooks.

Guy: Yeah, what's-his-name, Mel Brooks, his son. That was a weird book.

Me (now mildly surprised I'm having an informed conversation on zombie books on the street, but just going along with it): I thought a lot of it was too obvious. I mean, it was clever, but that was about it.

Guy: Yeah, and it was so long--it just kept going on and on!

Me: Well, this is a good book, though--supposedly oral histories from people around the world at the time of the outbreak.

Guy: Are they, like, real stories?

Me (starting to reconsider this whole conversation): Well, they're supposed to be real.

Guy (persistently): But are they real or made-up?

Me: Um. . .

Guy (hastily): I mean, zombies haven't happened, right?

Me (firmly, trying not to hear a "yet" at the end of his previous sentence): Right.

Guy: But, like, countries around the world have different stories about vampires. . .

Me: Right, this is not like that. Let's say these are made-up stories.

Guy: Cool.

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