Colorado Visit, 1/3/08-1/9/08

We spent the week after New Year's in Steamboat Springs with Judy and Bill. We got to celebrate Robert's 35th birthday there; we got to visit with Brian, Evan, and Brandon for a day; and we got to visit with Jennifer, John, and Emily for the entire week. There was lots of skiing for Robert and everyone else who felt like it, and Jennifer and I even got to go to Judy's book club with her one night to talk about Mildred Walker's Winter Wheat. Below are some pictures from the week.

Evan, John, and Brandon open their Christmas presents from us--including books of the grossest things in the world and a Junior Apples to Apples game.

Judy makes Robert's birthday dinner of a Peking goose, complete with delicious Mandarin pancakes.

Jennifer and Emily get in a little cuddle-time at some point during the week.

Robert shows John and Emily Linerider on his computer.

Emily and John geek out in front of the xBox on one of their last nights in Colorado. John loved the Simpsons driving game and also got quite into Fable.

Emily plops herself on top of me on the couch (weird angle on my head, though) to try to make me "unliftable" to Robert.

John grins at the Linerider site, after making a particularly exciting jump.

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