August 2007 Minnesota Family Visit to Boston

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

This August, Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy came out to Boston with their two older kids, Lexi and Jocie, because Lexi was in a hockey tournament in Wilmington. They arrived Thursday and left on Tuesday, and though Saturday and Sunday were mostly devoted to hockey (four games!), there was plenty of time for other stuff too. Lexi's team won the game we went to. I think it was a good game. Though everyone liked to tease me about how little I know about sports, I was actually aware when "our" team scored a goal. The second goal was slightly harder to figure out, though. . .

I don't actually know if Lexi is in the picture above. She was number 10 on the blue team, but since their numbers were only on the backs of their jerseys, it was really hard to see who was who.

Bachelorette Parties and Desserts

Miriam's bachelorette party was scheduled for Friday night, so after walking around with the Minnesota family during the day (they went to a Red Sox-Angels game) and then eating at the Barking Crab for fried oysters, crab claws, and other seafood delights, Jocie joined me for the Four Seasons dessert buffet in the Bristol Lounge. We had a nice round table in the back, and the service was (of course) excellent. Miriam's "bride" shirt was courtesy of Suzi, and the boa and the tiara elicited many good comments from homeless guys on the walk from the Four Seasons to the subway later on. Jocie had a good time--my friends are pretty non-intimidating, Suzi was thrilled to have someone younger than her there, and the fabulous desserts made everyone quite happy.

Random Family Fun

Thursday night we had dinner at our place--grilled chicken and grano, a big salad, and fruit parfaits for dessert--and Friday night Robert took Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy to Harvard Square for ice cream (both Herrell's and Bubbie's, the latter from Boston Tea Stop) and a tour. Saturday night was Faneuil Hall, foodcourt for Aunt Nancy and the girls and Kingfish for the rest of us (though everyone joined us for the dessert, which--I hear--was almost as good as Appleby's Chocolate-Something-Or-Other). Thursday and Friday night Jocie stayed over with us, and on Monday night everyone did. Monday was more delicious seafood: lobsters bought in Gloucester, after a whale-watching cruise, boiled at home, served with a Thai salad and grilled zucchini and beef satay. Jocie helped put the lobsters into the pot, and everyone improved their knowledge of lobster anatomy during the all-consuming dissections--er, dinner. Dessert was a chocolate pudding cake with sorbet (again, I was attempting to emulate Appleby's), and then we all watched "Quick Change" in honor of the weekend's foray into city life. Breakfast Tuesday morning, before a last-minute flight change necessitated a slightly earlier than planned trip to the airport, was pecan-wheat waffles with a nectarine compote, maple syrup, or nutella (or all of the above, really).


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