A Sushi Wedding Cake

Jef and Jin Yoon like sushi--a lot. We missed their wedding, but I promised them we'd have a festive reception for them in Boston when they got back from their honeymoon. Jef requested sushi, which was neither a surprise nor a problem. I wanted to do something different, though, and a little more obviously wedding-y. Hence, the wedding sushi cake.



Directions for 12-inch Tier:

Directions for 9-inch Tier:

Directions for 6-inch Tier:

Directions for 3-inch Tier:

Directions for Assembly:

Bonus: An Ice Cream Wedding Cake

After a sushi wedding cake dinner, an ice cream wedding cake dessert seemed only natural (especially given the love of frozen sweet treats among the bride and groom and wedding guests).

The bottom tier was a coconut brownie topped with coconut ice cream; the middle tier was green tea ice cream and coconut ice cream with a vanilla cake filling; and the top tier was raspberry and mango sorbets with fresh raspberries swirled together. All the ice cream was goat's milk ice cream. I topped the cake with the top of a pineapple and garnished it with halved fresh mochi filled with marshmallows and fruit jelly, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, strawberries, raspberries, chopped mango, and chopped pineapple. Served with hot fudge on the side, after a meal, it could probably feed 12-20 people.

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