Judy and Aurora's Visit to Boston

Judy and Aurora (Robert's mother and niece) hadn't been out to Boston together since June of 2001, when Aurora was seven--a big difference, considering that now she's thirteen! We were eager to see them, so when Judy offered to spring for plane tickets for the first week Aurora was out of school, we jumped at the chance to have houseguests. Following are some of the highlights of their visit.

Tuesday: Lechmere Mall, Cheesecake Factory, Museum of Science, and seafood on the pier at the No Name Restaurant, with Judy's friend Nancy who lives on the South Shore

Everyone especially enjoyed the IMAX dinosaur movie, the wonderful chimp exhibit (Robert, Judy, and Aurora, below, are sitting in a chimp nest), and the musical stairs.

Wednesday: dim sum downtown with Dick, Filene's Basement, Italian food on the North Shore with Dick and Grandma Helena, who was thrilled to see Aurora (and Judy) again

Thursday: Aurora and Grandpa's Dick special sushi and ice cream night out, followed by homemade pomegranate sorbet at our house.

Friday: daytrip to Cape Cod, including a tour of the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory, ice cream elevenses, a scenic drive down Route 28, Chatham lunch of raw oysters (Aurora's first), a long walk along a beach, more ice cream, salt water taffy and fudge, bumper cars, and even more ice cream.

Everyone loved the potato chip free samples, a big (purchased) bag of super-vinegar-y chips, and a Christina-made quiz at the end of the factory tour. In honor of the Cape Cod potato chips Robert bought me the night we met, we posed in front of a potato chip tree outside the factory.

Though we loved the atmosphere and the hot fudge--and we liked the ice cream--at the Four Seas, we weren't crazy about their no-taste policy. We really enjoyed the blueberry sundae at the Sundae School in Harwichport, but our overall favorite was the delicious, super-creamy ice cream at the Cape Cod Creamery.

Saturday: lunch, swimming, and kayaking at Lake Cochituate in Framingham at my co-author Marnie's house; Aurora was particularly enchanted with Marnie's cat, Violet.

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