Sarah Hart’s M*A*S*H Birthday Party:
March 9th, 2007


Before we begin, decide whether the statements below are true or false.

  1. Sarah is a sucker for a party with good food and a good theme.
  2. Sarah goes all out for everyone else’s birthdays year-round.
  3. Sarah is one of the three biggest M*A*S*H addicts I know.


  1. True: she is. She absolutely is, whether it’s Chris’s Famous Smiley-Faced Party, or Suzi’s Mardi Gras N’awlins Bash, or Debbie’s “Everyone’s an Addict” Party, or Meg’s Hello Kitty Famous Blank Face Party (wait, that last one hasn’t actually happened yet. . . ). Themes, decorations, and food--thematic food, of course--are the keys to Sarah’s party happiness.
  2. True: she does. See the above-mentioned parties. Sarah’s an incredibly generous, considerate person all the time, but with extra spurts of generosity and consideration that go into trying to make her friends’ birthdays everything they always wanted but couldn’t quite articulate.
  3. True: she is. Before her DVD player broke, she would watch a couple episodes virtually every morning and night, while getting ready for work or for bed, cycling through the DVDs perpetually.

    (Sidenote: Who are the other two biggest M*A*S*H addicts I know? They would be me, who obsessively catalogued every episode (except two, annoyingly, which Fox kept refusing to air) on videotape in high school, editing out the commercials, and Robert’s grandma Helena, who lives for the nights “that good show” is rerun for a few hours solid in the evening and who speaks about the characters as though they live next door to her.)

Given all of this, of course, a M*A*S*H-themed birthday party seemed like a natural idea for Sarah's birthday.

Food and Drink



View or download a Word file with a M*A*S*H trivia test--complete with matching columns, multiple choice, short-answer questions, and an open-ended essay question--which we took that evening. Sarah won the prize (the original M*A*S*H book which inspired the movie which inspired the TV show) with a score in the 80s (out of a possible total of 100%), with second- and third-place finishers tied at 55 points, Robert--who claims he's absorbed this minimal amount of M*A*S*H knowledge by osmosis from living with me--in fourth place with a score in the 40s, and everyone else dismally below that. No, there was no curve: Sarah won fair and square. And no, I'm not posting the answers--you can look them up one by one yourself if you still don't know!


Sarah and Sean: you can't really see it, but she's wearing a M*A*S*H shirt, and her camouflage helmet blends right into the bean bag chair. That's a mostly-gone bottle of grape Nehi in front of her, too.

Tim and Christine, in full military gear:he's a costume freak, and we love him for it, but it got a little too hard to eat the popcorn and mashed potatoes with his gloves and gas mask on.

Debbie and Meg: doesn't she look cute in scrubs? Nurse "Hot Lips" Flanagan lent them for the occasion, since she was unfortunately not feeling well.

Karen, John, Debbie, Karen, Candace and friend, and Ren watch Sarah open her presents later in the evening.

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