Fall Fun: September and October, 2005

The Arrival of Our Own Alaskan Salmon: Our freezer was stuffed! We've eaten it raw and cooked, steamed and in soups, sauteed and roasted, and I have to tell you, it's the most delicious fish I've ever had. Oh, to live out my dreams of being an Alaskan subsistance fisherwoman!

Bob's Birthday Bash: With friends from New Hampshire and Boston, with lots of luscious edibles, and with a katamari (Japanese rolling ball video game) birthday cake, Bob was well taken care of on his birthday.

Chris's Pizza Practice Session: Look at Chris's trapezoidal pizzas. They never got much rounder. Not pictured is his hand-over-hand driving style of shaping the dough. I have to say, they ended up tasting fine, and we sure had a good time watching him make them.

Hawaiian Welcome Dinner: From Laurie's festivities while stocking up the cooler to Sarah's and my slightly-overboard Hawaiian cookies and Sarah's volcano cake (sadly pictured before the raspberry-sauce lava was added for the full effect), we had a great time welcoming new twenty-somethings to Park Street Church.

Apple-Picking Quest: We were a well-diversified party of five for apple-picking, and we managed to still be all looking in opposite places for the photos. With a woozy cold-medicated Debbie wrapped in Robert's sweatshire, we wandered around the city afterward, holding plastic cups of clear liquid and observing odd traffic-signal graveyards.

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