Boston Fun with Asma

One chilly, rainy late-May Boston weekend, Asma came to town and we spent a Saturday doing fun things around town. We took a few pictures at our visit to the Museum of Science, in particular at their Risk! exhibit (which, as Asma also noted, was quite the unrisky experience) before my camera batteries died for the day. Other highlights of the day include the Portuguese breakfast place in Somerville, Mini Cooper driving and lost-and-founding, and shoe-shopping in the Cambridgeside mall.

Here are Robert and me in the very battered old Apollo module in the main part of the museum. Asma kept trying to figure out how to take the picture, and people kept waiting for her to finish before they walked in front of her. In her defense, the batteries were in the process of dying, but it still took a nice long time.

Eventually, Robert took the camera back and snapped this picture of Asma to prove that it was working. Note the chubby, unhappy boy to Asma's left, who was still waiting to cross her path.

A few minutes later, Robert tried on a flak jacket from World War II. It kept looking to me like he had it on wrong, but Asma, helping him zip it up, vouched that it was on correctly. World War II buffs, input?

At left, courtesy of Asma's camera, Robert and I stand near the risky entrance to the exhibit. At right, he lifts me up to demonstrate that I am extremely risk-averse: like most good cats, I prefer having all of my feet on the floor.

Here's what Asma had to say about the day we spent together Zipcaring, eating, and having fun:

I had a great day. Thanks so much for taking me all over Boston! We went to Somerville to have Portuguese bread, then Target and all the fun office supplies and summer stuff, fighting with Robert, Coke "Icees," freezing while walking to the Science Museum, then taking "risks" (NOT) at the museum and then breezing through Einstein's life, finding Robert some shoes and giving on said task, losing the car, then finding it, nearly dying of hunger at Oishii, jabbering on about my grandfather's death in front of strangers at Oishii while watching the color drain from your face due to previously mentioned hunger, contemplating the length of time till we get to sit down, staring at the Indian dad who took forever to eat, hanging out in the bathroom at Oishii, pouncing the three seats we wanted, then chowing down finally on what is probably the best sushi I have ever had with flavors and balance including the cucumber roll that I swear was like eating a poem, admiring your lovely apartment, watching the internet on your gigantic screen tv, watching the star wars video game, wondering what the sand people said, the yummy ice cream, the chat about Daniel the messenger, the chat about Aurora and pork in the car, and, of course, who can forget, all the great parking spots we got! So thanks for everything! I always have a memorable time with you and Robert.

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