February, March, April. . . Any excuse to celebrate!


We celebrated Sarah's birthday with an elegant dessert buffet, at which money changed hands between Karen and Chris, and these three quiet librarians posed together.

We celebrated Valentina's birthday with funny fiesta-style straws for wineglasses and this cake Kristijan made and Kristijan and Olga decorated to look like Valentina herself--a striking resemblence, no?

We celebrated the six-month opening date of Tomb, the interactive game/ride/puzzle/effects thing in the Fenway, by actually going at last, so Robert tried on an Indiana-Jones-style hat at REI to stay in the spirit of things.(left)


We celebrated the publication of the ESL pronunciation textbook I co-wrote with Marnie (Reed), Sound Concepts (two years in the writing and almost a year in the editing/design stage) by havng a massive sushi party and games night--Settlers in the living room, Trivial Pursuit in the dining room, and Warcraft in the middle. (right)


We celebrated the 1920s at a Prohibition party that Sarah had when her three good college friends came to town for a visit. Nearly everyone wore 1920s-ish outfits of one sort or another, and there was a lot of (what else?) bathtub gin, though sadly not in the actual bathtub.

We celebrated Greek Easter with a huge meze course, homemade tsoureki, and then a great garlicky grilled leg of lamb before the baklava course.

Since there was a two-car accident on the corner just as people arrived, we also provided entertainment outside, apparently. And, since no one seemed to be hurt in the accident, and the most interesting things were the big hair on one boy and the number of firetrucks and the angry SUV-owner, it wasn't quite as morbid as it might have sounded. Think of it, rather, as celebrating life!


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