Halloween Party 2004: Saturday, 10/30

On a day when we got to "fall behind" later that night, when the Hancock building glowed blue and red in honor of the Red Sox, and when the World Champs duckboat parade shut down the city in the morning and afternoon, we had a Halloween costume party in the evening.

Here we are, your hosts--Donnie and Frank. Only two people other than us had actually seen "Donnie Darko," though, so no one really got our costume until I showed a clip from the movie much later on (stills available here). I also perfected my glassy-eyed, "they made me do it" stare by the end of the evening. Most people thought I was a skeleton (apparently not noticing I only had seven ribs down a row, not twelve), and they either thought the circles under my eyes were mere atmospheric makeup, or else just my natural state. Robert was a more readily grokkable costume--to most of our friends, he was "the giant bunny." If he'd been persuaded to don his mask when he met them, then he became "the giant scary bunny," but really that was as far as people attempted to understand our costumes. So who else attended? Scroll down to see pictures of most people's costumes.

The giant scary bunny (Robert) stands near a tiny ghoul with glowing red eyes (Liwen's nephew Brandon).

The ghoul (Brandon) tries on the scary bunny mask.

Princess Leia (Liwen) gets help adjusting her hair.

Han Solo (Tyrone) poses dramatically with his blaster.

A gypsy (Annie) swirls her scarves.

Audrey Hepburn (Sarah Lydic) enters regally.

Annie Hall/mobster (Anya) stands near Rasta man (David) while anime woman (Diana) peers at her camera.

Valentina unveils her "witch of the year" costume: chipwich.

Olga and Kristijan display Ukranian folk costumes.

White trash (Chris) and Little Red Riding Hood (Kirsten) flank Peter Parker (Dave).

Inigo Montoya (Carlos) poses with Catholic schoolgirl/Brittney Spears (Debbie).

Inigo now poses with a scary witch (fiance Sandra).

The costumes were great, but there was other entertainment as well. Below left, you see the video game pit in the living room--originally set up to amuse Brandon, it ended up attracting David, Robert, Dave, and Jef at various times in the evening.

Above right, you see the costume prize ceremony, when right around the middle of the evening, I handed out prizes--we had ballots for everyone, with spaces for write-ins for five different categories: Scariest (Sandra's witch and Chris's white trash), Biggest Transformation (Dave's Spiderman), Most Off-Beat (Valentina's Chipwich), Warmest (Liwen's sweats-clad Leia), and Hottest (Sarah's Audrey). The voting was really close, with many near-ties and close runners-up. Sadly, there was only one prize per category.

Finally, we don't have a good picture of the food--somehow I never manage to take one--but suffice it to say that no one went away hungry. From black and orange pressed sushi to mud hen bars to taleggio macaroni and cheese to homemade breads and spreads, there was plenty of food and plenty of variety. It was a good night, with lots of good conversation and many excellent costumes. Not pictured on this page are a WWII army guy, a purple fairy, a beatnik, James Bond and a Bond girl, and Howard.

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