Everybody loves to have fun! At least, that's what Robert and Christina thought when they walked past the Discovery Zone at the Alewife Fresh Ponds shopping center last summer. The Discovery Zone is a place where children under three pay $4 to get in and children three through twelve years old pay $6. Adults enter free, as long as they are accompanied by a child. As many adults enter free with a single child as wish, and all may stay as long as they choose. However, without a child to escort them, no adult may enter the Discovery Zone.

So what is this place, anyway? It's a wonderful place full of slides and climbing things and a big bouncy trampoline room, and a pit full of balls which one can swim in. Once a child gets an adult in, "adults are encouraged to play with their children," the sign reads.

When Christine and Aurora came to visit Robert in May, Christina and Robert immediately saw Aurora in a new light--she was no longer merely Robert's niece; she was their Ticket to Fun! With Aurora, Robert, Christina, and Christine all entered the Discovery Zone. And all played very happily. Here is a picture!