Summer 2019, Part 2

It's been a lovely July! Some highlights follow.


Friends, local and from out of town



Biking and bike pancake breakfasts


Woodworking--Samantha built a chair!




Community Boating (sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding)


Eliot School portrait painting workshop


Library science show


Donut festival at Underground at the Ink Block


Circus arts (circus school, Porchfest, and Circus Smirkus in Waltham)





Family time



Home repairs (new dishwasher and a few new overhead living room lights, leading to a lost baseball in the ceiling)




Kidsweek (preschool, elementary, and tweens camps)


Visit from Aunt Jen, Emi, and Ava


Playground adventures


ICA playdate


Boy Scout camp


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