Family Biking, 2017

With a spacious garage and driveway, and ground-level entry, our new house was obviously going to change our lives in some ways. Yes, we realized that it was time--we needed to buy a bike! Or, rather, two, one for Mom and one for Dad, to carry about kids and lots of stuff.

Once the fun of the giant boxes was out of the way, we could enjoy the bikes themselves. Robert will mostly carry Samantha as a passenger, but he can bring Marcus too, in a pinch.

I can carry one or both girls, as the three-point seatbelts adjust, and when, on a family bike ride, Samantha decides she's done riding, she needs to eat her popsicle, no problem--pop her bike in my cargo bucket, and we're still good to go.

I've ridden on the bike path in the Southwest Corridor almost daily last week, but only on the street once. I'm still getting a feel for the bike, but I'm excited for a long summer of riding.


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Created: 6/18/17. Last Modified: 6/18/17.