A Festive Week in Boston: Halloween and the Red Sox


On Sunday we started celebrating Halloween at the Pru Boo, a trick-or-treat for charity event at the Prudential Mall--we went over after church, met up with Marissa, Alex, and Charlotte (the girls were the Princesses Merida and Aurora, respectively), decorated pumpkins, trick-or-treated, drew on the Zipcar, ate at Wagamama, and listened to Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys before heading home, exhausted, to carve our own pumpkin.

On Wednesday the Red Sox won the World Series in a home game at Fenway. Samantha watched some of each of the games. "Good hit!" she cheered. "Hit it! Hit it! Boom!" Or, if someone tried to catch something and miss, she'd let loose a sympathetic "AL-MOST!" I have no idea how she's the biggest baseball fan in the family, but it's true.

On Thursday it was Halloween, and we went to the neighborhood party in Titus Sparrow Park, and then we trick-or-treated up and down the sidestreets (Rutland Square is especially fun) and walked home. Marcus announced that he was done, he was tired, his bag was heavy, he was full, and he wanted to go home and "go straight to bed." (I had helped with the "full" part, feeding him a heavy after-school snack of strawberries and raspberries, then cherry tomatoes and edamame, then a banana as an extra-special treat, and then a slice and a half of pizza in Titus Sparrow; with all of that, he ate about four pieces of candy and was entirely done.) Samantha loved trick-or-treating, yelling "TRICKER TREAT! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" at the top of her lungs, and often informing people, "I penguin. Have penguin hat! Marshus lion. I [will someday?] be lion too. Roar! I penguin." She always said thank you after reaching into the basket for her candy, sometimes even "thank you very much" (or "muchy").

On Friday Suzi came up to Boston from Virginia and spent the night at our place so we could all go celebrate the Red Sox the next day. We had to hurriedly explain the World Series to Marcus, who'd been a bit oblivious to it all. "Oh," he said vaguely, "my friend Grady was talking about that." Yes, Marcus, a lot of people were.

On Saturday we skipped karate class and went with two million other people to watch the rolling rally parade. We just walked up Mass Ave to Boylston Street and stood with Suzi in the crowd. The kids loved that the players were on duck boats ("Quack quack!" yelled Samantha) and that the confetti guns shot off bursts of confetti in front of us about four times. One of the music trucks stopped right by us and played all of "Shipping Off to Boston," "Don't Worry," and, of course, "Sweet Caroline," so we got to sing along. Suzi used Robert for his height to take some pictures looking down the street. By 11:00 it was done and past us, and we walked back down Mass Ave, stopped at Dunkin Donuts, and enjoyed the sunny day.

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